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Graduate Program: BA/MBA Combined Degree

Industry: Government / Public Administration

Graduation Year 2019

Country: United States

Languages: English & French


My Background: I am from the city of trees: Sacramento, California. I came to Willamette University for my Undergraduate Degree in Economics. I am involved with the Opening Days program and run on the track & field team. I decided to enroll in the Atkinson Graduate School of Management in order to obtain my BA and MBA in five years at a world class University.

My Experience at Willamette MBA: I love Willamette and everything it has to offer. I came to the Undergraduate school because of the atmosphere and sense of community on campus. This same feeling carried over to the graduate school, if not with a greater sense of solidarity. As students, we share ideas, listen to each other's opinions, and create memories together. The faculty care about us on an individual level and are truly personable. Here at Willamette, I have sincerely felt this is my home away from home.

My Future Goals: After graduating from Willamette's MBA program, with a focus in Operations, I plan to work in the public sector as a project manager. Using the knowledge and skills that this program will instill in me, I hope to bring these talents to the state government. I want to give back to the community that has contributed to shaping the person of who I am today. I am in a wonderful position and want to provide this opportunity to the next generation.